Armatum combines standard methodologies such as Open FAIR™ standard, CIS Controls®, internal and external Pentesting, Simulation of attacks, cutting-edge Cyber ​​Intelligence techniques supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI), among others, to quantify the risks.

Armatum apply the Monte Carlo statistical simulation technique on variables modeled using the beta_PERT distribution.

The platform includes industry-based approaches and best practices, as well as the use of advanced tools and technologies for the collection, analysis and presentation of risk information.

The variables that come into play in the mathematical algorithms that underlie the Armatum platform come from various sources : Cyber ​​intelligence in open sources about the company, its managers and its supply chain, both external and internal penetration tests of the infrastructures and services, human factor resilience testing, and ransomware attack simulations. These features make the Armatum platform unique.

All this is done in an automated, transparent, and at the same time innocuous way, for the company under study.